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Engraved Chalice and Paten Set
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This is perhaps the most consoling & thoughtful gift you can give to a Catholic that has lost a loved one. This beautiful, high quality, chalice can be engraved with the name of a deceased family member or friend. We have a special arrangement now set up with the missionary distribution organization that sends our donated holy cards all over the globe. They have long standing relationships with many dioceses in the developing third world, where there are many new priestly vocations. Oftentimes though, the families of these newly ordained priests don't have the financial resources to give them an ordination gift of their own chalice, that they can use throughout their many years of future ministry.

By having one of these chalices engraved in honor of a deceased loved one, their name will be held in the hands of a priest for decades to come each time he celebrates Holy Mass. This lovely chalice & paten set is available in limited quantities, so please order early and allow extra time for engraving. Once engraved, we will ship the chalice to you to see and hold, with instructions on where to send it for distribution to the missions. Some families will keep the chalice at home for a week or a month, or however long they desire, until they feel the Holy Spirit is prompting them to send the chalice out into the mission fields. You can also give the chalice to a priest you know who may have lost a loved one & he can use it in his own ministry.

We have tried to keep the price of this item as affordable as possible, but we understand that this is not an inexpensive gift and sometimes it is out of reach for some people financially. If needed, you can have a group all pitch in and combine resources to order one, thus sharing the cost, but also sharing the graces of being part of such a memorable kindness. The priest who receives it will benefit from it, as will his congregation. The person who has lost a family member or friend benefits by knowing their loved one is remembered at Holy Mass each day, and the soul whose name is engraved on the chalice will receive countless graces by having the memory of their life recalled at the altar for years to come.

We will email you specific instructions after you order to make sure everything is explained & help answer any questions. If you would like assistance before ordering this custom engraved chalice, please email us: orders@CatholicPrayerCards.org

Here are some photos we have received of chalices that have been donated overseas:



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