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This icon has an unusual deep cobalt blue background behind the heads of the figures which stand out so clearly before it, where to the left, Christ and His Mother converse about the wine that has run out at this wedding feast, while the Apostle Simon the Zealot and his bride sit to the center flanked on the right by two wedding guests. This is the visual story of how Christ and His Disciples and the Virgin came to this wedding and Jesus worked His first public miracle in turning the water into wine in six brimming water pots. The wine was so good, that the master of the feast proclaimed that the best wine had been saved until last. Here Christian marriage is affirmed as honorable and the marriage bed undefiled by Christ presence and blessing of the wine. O Christ, come to our aid in every honorable cause, and let us rejoice in all that Thou dost sanctify and make blessed!

School: Paleologean
Date: 13th c.
Heritage: Byzantine

Aprox. size 10 1/2" x 6"

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