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Catholic Saint Medals > St. Joseph Third Class Relic Medal
St. Joseph Third Class Relic Medal

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Fine Catholic Patron Saint Medal from Italy.

Medal is approximately 1 inch tall showing St. Joseph with the Child Jesus and a third class relic on the back.

Please note: The Third Class Relics that we offer on our website are similar to the Third Class Relics you could purchase if you were traveling on pilgrimage to the shrine of a particular saint and bought Third Class Relics in the shrine gift shop
First Class Relics are classified as an actual part of a saint's body, like a piece of bone, hair, etc...
Second Class Relics are classified as an item that the saint wore on their person, like a hat, a robe, a glove, etc...
Third Class Relics (which we are offering on this website are classified as either  a piece of cloth touched to a first or second class relic of the saint, or in cases where there is no known existing First or Second Class Relic of a saint, the cloth has been touched to the shrine of the saint. It is prohibited by Canon Law in the Catholic Church to sell First and Second Class Relics. When the Church forbids the selling of "Sacred Relics" it is referring to First and Second Class Relics. It is not referring to Third Class Relics which is what we are offering here.


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