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Catholic Saint Medals > .999 Pure Fine Silver - 1 Troy Ounce St. Joseph Collectible Coin w/ 100 FREE St. Joseph Novena Prayer Cards
.999 Pure Fine Silver - 1 Troy Ounce St. Joseph Collectible Coin w/ 100 FREE St. Joseph Novena Prayer Cards

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To celebrate St. Joseph & the Holy Family, we have had these beautiful 1 Troy Ounce .999 Pure Fine Silver

Coins custom minted. Production has been limited to only 4000 coins & we expect them to sell out quickly.

These are not silver-plated coins, these are actual .999 pure refined fine silver - 1 full troy ounce of real precious metal.

To sweeten the deal, for every coin you order, you will receive 100 FREE Full Color St. Joseph Novena Prayer Cards.

The FREE St. Joseph cards are available in English & Spanish (choose language preference in drop down menu).

So for $59.95 you get 1 Troy Ounce of .999 Pure Silver & 100 FREE St. Joseph holy cards valued around $25.

Heirloom Quality Collector Coins To Last A Lifetime! These Will Make A Stunning Gift & Hold Value For Years To Come.
Coins measure 1.5 inches in diameter & come factory sealed in encapsulated poly packaging to preserve finish.
Silver is a precious metal that has stood the test of time for thousands of years as a store of true monetary value.

Our coins are minted in the USA by one of America's best private mints & our holy cards are prayerfully printed in the USA!

Due to the inherent fluctuating costs of precious metals, our price for this limited edition collector item may have to increase based on market conditions. 

Order now to lock in today's price. No coupon codes allowed on this product. 


Email us if you have any specific questions: orders@CatholicPrayerCards.org



With the seemingly endless money printing being done by the Federal Reserve & the U.S. national debt recently 

passing 30 TRILLION dollars, there is significant concern among many citizens & a trend of diversifying some 

assets by converting dollars into precious metals. Click HERE to see the US Debt Clock

On top of all that, over the last year, silver has been in short supply as demand from industrial users like

cell phone makers, electric car manufacturers & solar panel factories have been trying to secure physical silver while 

investors all over the world are flocking to silver, creating a trending phenomenon called a #SilverSqueeze. That has 

sent the price of silver up in the last several months. Many precious metals analysts see a bullish future for silver,

with plenty of room for upward growth. To find out more about what is going on behind the scenes in the silver markets,

you may find this VIDEO very informative. Click HERE to view the video on silver.

We encourage you to entrust your finances to St. Joseph, who tirelessly worked to supply the needs of Jesus & Mary.

Regarding the FREE prayer cards, this is what the English cards look like:

Front of English card - measures 3.5x2 inches (wallet size):
Back of English card:
...and here is what the Spanish cards look like:
Front of Spanish Card - measures 3.5x2 inches (wallet size):
Back of Spanish Card:
Note: actual coins may appear shinier than images shown due to lighting differences.
Nothing published on this site is to be taken as financial advise.
We just want to make our customers aware of market trends we see that may be informative. 
Due to the fluctuation of precious metal pricing, all sales are final & non-refundable for this item.
Plastic coin stand shown in photos is not included. 
We ship all silver coins with a tracking number. If the carrier shows that your package was delivered we can take no responsibility for lost or mis-delivered parcels.


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